Thursday, 25 August 2011

Looks don't matter!.... thats what they keep feeding you all throughout you life.... but is it really true!? do looks really don't matter!?!?..... why is it the pretty talentless people will always get far ahead in life while the ugly bunch have to fight for everything?.... maybe its natures way of creating a balance but then there are a bit too many non-good-looking people out there but you know what they say beauty is skin deep but who takes the time to really get to know someone but really think about it!!... don't judge a book by its cover but its always that way ain't it!.... lets keep perspective of the balances of life and understand that if your pretty life will be a little easier for you but if your ugly wooooo wweeeehhhh u better grab a book or two!!.... because life is going to be hard and u gotta be smart!!!

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