Thursday, 25 August 2011

Looks don't matter!.... thats what they keep feeding you all throughout you life.... but is it really true!? do looks really don't matter!?!?..... why is it the pretty talentless people will always get far ahead in life while the ugly bunch have to fight for everything?.... maybe its natures way of creating a balance but then there are a bit too many non-good-looking people out there but you know what they say beauty is skin deep but who takes the time to really get to know someone but really think about it!!... don't judge a book by its cover but its always that way ain't it!.... lets keep perspective of the balances of life and understand that if your pretty life will be a little easier for you but if your ugly wooooo wweeeehhhh u better grab a book or two!!.... because life is going to be hard and u gotta be smart!!!

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Revelation 2:1

Pink post-its on the notice board.....I often wonder why the color pink holds so much importance for women....some consider thinking about such things to be male chauvinistic tendencies creeping in....I just wonder...why?...why pink? it the wavelength the fact that it stands out?....I think its the only color visible from outer space...The color is probably the only color visible from space....Sad.....But i don't see why oh why would girls like it so much?.....A symbol for the happy and gay.....the only think pink is only good as a L'Oreal product.....That also only lip now u think i'm gay?...... hypocrites.......I'm sure your wearing colored underwear as you read this......yeah you the chauvinist.......Snayp.......*breaks the mirror

Friday, 19 August 2011

From the world to the mic every rj has his story to tell, its not about numbers or ratings its all about having and putting a smile on someones face. Its not about how many replies you get but its about how much thought u provoke, happy memories, sad times or just a jolly incline to life. Planet 94 is all about YOU..... ~Dj Hasni~

Thursday, 18 August 2011

I’ve been fascinated by Radio ever since I became an RJ… A RJ’s job is awesome as one gets to have company and interact with a very large audience. Although its entirely different from television, radio has its own set of followers. The victory of a show depends entirely on how gifted the radio jockey is. Its always nice to to meet and interview a wide range of celebrities on radio. You can listen and play tracks from a huge selection and the list is just endless, you also get to compile your own playlist of tracks……..
Moreover Ive always been appropriate and sensitive to my listeners and never turn down a song request……to sum it up………..I just adore 94 all the wayyyyyyy !!!!!

Revelation 1:2

Folk is when I have something to say; rap is when I have a lot to say. My hapiness shines through pop. I laugh through country, I cry through the blues, I dance through hip hop, and I sing through opera. Ambient my nature, techno my craziness, R&B my love life, classical my relaxation, emo my anger, and gospel my relegion (which is practiced through reggae, my spirituality). Jazz is my superficiality. And for anyone special in my life, tango since two can tango (and they can salsa). Indie is my unheard of nature (and trust me, I am very often unheard). Punk is my rebellious self, which sprung through my deep dark secrets in heavy metal. Acoustic is when I am best heard, soft rock is when I am best known. My confusion is trance. My actions are disco. Generally, foreign my nationality. Renaiassance, my history. And if people ever meet me, they'd describe me as rhapsody. I can be best heard through my characteristic, acoustic rock....I'm Rj Mirf...Rock on!!!!

Revelation 1:1

Well its been quite some time since my fingers have reached out into the infinitely obscure world of words by why not now? I guess 94 is a good reason to write. Well what is this all about? Why the blog again? Well 94 is this world that has been around since 2009. Its interesting how this radio station has risen from nothingness and become a part of so much more. From shows on medicine to shows on video games, from Rj's who are corporate lawyers to veterinarians we probably have the largest and most diverse group of individuals in one place. Its not all about the oldies right? So were also home to the young, where students from varying aspects and time lines make a part of our team. We'll delve into the reasons and aspects of why I thought this would be such a good idea to work at. But everything that you could possibly imagine is on the planet, here at planet 94. Stay tuned in to us wherever you may be wherever you are whoever you are, because a storm is brewing......and were shaking the cauldron.....I'm [Rj mirF] by the way...This is my world.