Thursday, 18 August 2011

Revelation 1:2

Folk is when I have something to say; rap is when I have a lot to say. My hapiness shines through pop. I laugh through country, I cry through the blues, I dance through hip hop, and I sing through opera. Ambient my nature, techno my craziness, R&B my love life, classical my relaxation, emo my anger, and gospel my relegion (which is practiced through reggae, my spirituality). Jazz is my superficiality. And for anyone special in my life, tango since two can tango (and they can salsa). Indie is my unheard of nature (and trust me, I am very often unheard). Punk is my rebellious self, which sprung through my deep dark secrets in heavy metal. Acoustic is when I am best heard, soft rock is when I am best known. My confusion is trance. My actions are disco. Generally, foreign my nationality. Renaiassance, my history. And if people ever meet me, they'd describe me as rhapsody. I can be best heard through my characteristic, acoustic rock....I'm Rj Mirf...Rock on!!!!


  1. Mirf!! Only two words for you my friend.. Exquisitely Awesome =)

  2. Mirf, is that really you mate?? Please tell me you copy-pasted it from somewhere.. or I'll die :D