Thursday, 18 August 2011

Revelation 1:1

Well its been quite some time since my fingers have reached out into the infinitely obscure world of words by why not now? I guess 94 is a good reason to write. Well what is this all about? Why the blog again? Well 94 is this world that has been around since 2009. Its interesting how this radio station has risen from nothingness and become a part of so much more. From shows on medicine to shows on video games, from Rj's who are corporate lawyers to veterinarians we probably have the largest and most diverse group of individuals in one place. Its not all about the oldies right? So were also home to the young, where students from varying aspects and time lines make a part of our team. We'll delve into the reasons and aspects of why I thought this would be such a good idea to work at. But everything that you could possibly imagine is on the planet, here at planet 94. Stay tuned in to us wherever you may be wherever you are whoever you are, because a storm is brewing......and were shaking the cauldron.....I'm [Rj mirF] by the way...This is my world.

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