Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Spreading Smiles

Smile as they say is that a curve that set many things straight.That smile is always an asset when its on your lips and an achievement when it's on someone else's becuase of you. Lets take a moment and think about all the times that we made others smile. Doesn't a chill go down your spine when you see all those smiling faces in your closed eyes and giving you such a sense of achievement knowing that you were a reason for it.

Smile is an amazing gesture, the simplest one but the most effective. So if you haven't smiled today as yet do it right now because we all look better when we smile.

Even though this is something that is pretty much talked about all the time everywhere but I just felt the need because it is not too long ago when it struck me and I ended up questioning myself as to what was the last time I was the reason for this particular gesture on someones face that we call smile.

Really hope that this question starts poping up in most of our minds, because if we take up this responsibilty of spreading smiles around us, then welfare would a mere understatement to describe our society.

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